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Reveka Mykola
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Reveka Mykola
It was confirmed in April, 29th, 2012.
Azure; horseshoe Or horns down accompanied in the middle by formy cross Or, in chief by flying falcon Argent. Fitched base Gules surmounted by bordure Or; mice Or with handle Argent and saber Argent with handle Or in saltire. The shield is crowned by military crown Or with jewels, above which is a steel knight's helmet with border Or and a medallion Or on ribbon Azure.
Crest: on the wreath of colours issuing Central Asian sheepdog Argent.
Mantle: Azure, padded by Or.
Supporters: Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, dexter in trousers Azure and a saber in his right hand, sinister in trousers Gules and a spear with a flag of the Poltava Cossack regiment in his left hand.
The motto: "HONOR, FAITH, VALOR" - on the ribbon Azure by letters Or.
The authors are O.Maskevych, V.Dzhun'.
Image on site O.Maskevych.

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