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Advertisement's board rules


  If you wish to get (to exchange, buy) the heraldic goods - choose the appropriate categories in left top menu "OPERATION-GOODS SEARCH" - or all categories. In the right window you can see the appropriate groups of the goods. In second menu "KEYWORD SEARCH" you may type a keyword on which search in base of the available goods will be carried out.
  ATTENTION! It is necessary to use only one word in Ukrainian, English or Russian languages. Keywords are desirable for getting serially on any of these languages as search depends on what languages enter the information. Therefore check all three variants.
  If you wish to receive news of a advertisement's board of a Ukrainian heraldry site - subscribe for news. Enter the E-mail in the top field of the table "Mail list" and press button "Subscribe". You can unsubscribe by entering the same E-mail in the bottom field of the table and pressing "Unsubscribe" button.
  ATTENTION! A subscription to the basic news of a site (about the new arms and flags) and on news of a bulletin board are different. If you want to receive both categories of news - you should be registered in both mail lists.


  Advertisement's board of a Ukrainian heraldry site is free-of-charge (at least, at present and for those who starts filling a database).
  To begin the participant, it is necessary to fill all fields of "Advertisement decktop: participant's application" table. Mean: you E-mail and the phone are published in open access. If you do not wish, that your phone was in open access, put in this field a mark "-". Presence E-mail is necessary. If you want to receive news - put a mark in tne "Subscribe news" box.
  ATTENTION! If you have already subscribed in the table "Advertisement decktop mail list", filling of "Subscribe news" field in the "Advertisement decktop: participant's application" table is not necessary.
  After check of the announcement by the site's administrator to you individual six-place number and confirmation of the password will be sent. Using them, you can place through the menu "ADVERTISEMENT EDITOR" the information on the goods.
  You must do the follow step:
  In the left menu in "ADVERTISEMENT EDITOR" enter number and the password, press button "Submit". You will get access to the menu of the right part in which can work with the own data.
  To add announcements, it is necessary for you:
  In "Add advertisement" to choose:
  - Operation (buy - sell etc.),
  - The goods (calendars - badges etc.),
  If in these sections there is no field necessary to you - mail to the administrator. The field will be added if it is really necessary.
  - Term (in months) on which your goods will be exposed.
  ATTENTION! After the termination of the term specified by you the goods will be automatically displaced to archive. It will be absent in system "OPERATION-GOODS SEARCH", but accessible in "KEYWORD SEARCH" system. If it is necessary for you to prolong term of the announcement - you can make it after the termination of term in the menu "Edit of advertisements".
  - Price (in US dollars). This item is obligatory only at sell operations.
  - Description Ukrainian and English. In these fields you briefly whenever possible should describe the goods, with the most informative keywords. For example, if the question is a calendar - to specify year, the name of city which arms is represented on a calendar etc. Avoid the general) expressions which do not carry the information. Filling of English field is necessarily. Advantage by search is given the Ukrainian variant - nevertheless if you do not know the Ukrainian language, filling this field in Russian is allowable. The English field should contain even one-two keyword about the information which you place. If you can't fill Ukrainian field - press space bar.
  - A photo. If you have the scanned image of the goods in a format *.jpg (not the greater 200kB) - specify a way to a file on your local disk or a diskette.
  After filling all fields press button "Subscribe". If you did not specify a way to a photo of figure - to you the message "Way to photo field was epmty. Photo of item didn't add. The item was added succesfully. Press there". Press a word "there" and continue work. In case you have sent a photo, you will see the message "The photo was sent. The item was added succesfully. Press there". Press "there" and continue work.
  In the "Edit of advertisements" point you have access to all advertisements placed by you. You may change all data on the goods. If you want to continue term of a presence of the goods on a advertisement board - choose the necessary quantity of months in the "Prolong on" window. After that press button "Submit". In this case you receive messages: "Way to photo field was epmty. Photo of item didn't change. The item was edited succesfully. Press there". If you want to add a photo or replace already existing - specify a way to it and press button "Submit". In that case you receive messages: "The photo was sent. The item was edited succesfully. Press there".
  If you want to remove the goods - put a mark in field "Delete" and press the button "Submit". You will receive repeated search: "Advertisement vill be deleted. Are you shure? - yes/NO". If you are sure, that the announcement is not necessary - press "yes".
  In you will choose point of the menu "Your application edition" you may correct or change the data on. After that it is necessary to press button "Submit".
  By the point of the menu "Receive your statistics" you can receive on the E-mail the full reporting about all your advertisement. It is recommended to execute this point before editing of announcements - you can print out the statistics and check up it, then to be connected to the Internet, having corrected only necessary announcements.


  This service has serious requirements. The request to not place advertisements which do not concern to heraldry. In case of infringement of this rule the persons placing similar advertisements, will be disconnected from a advertisement's board without the warning.

Mail list

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type you E-mail in the TOP field and press button "Subscribe"

For news subscribers:
If you don't wish to receive "Ukrainain heraldry" advertisement news -
type you E-mail in the BOTTOM field and press button "Unsubscribe"

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